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Waver Velvet – The boy who fought side by side with the King of Conquerors, Iskandar, during the Fourth Holy Grail War in Fate/Zero.
Time has passed, and the mature Waver has now adopted the name of Lord El-Melloi II.

As Lord El-Melloi II, he takes on numerous magical and mystical cases in the Clock Tower, the mages' mecca...
Based on the popular novel by Makoto Sanda, this incredible story has finally been made into a new animated series. In this series, the fan favorite “Rail Zeppelin” arc will be featured as well as original episodes that will lead to the arc.
Animation production is in the hands of TROYCA ( ALDNOAH.ZERO, Re:CREATORS ), a studio renowned for its sophisticated and colorful style.
The young and talented Makoto Kato, who made his directorial debut with the acclaimed Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru, has been appointed director for the series. He has been both domestically and internationally acknowledged for his brilliant animation style in Yagate Kimi ni Naru. Many other talented creators have joined this program. Ei Aoki, director of Fate/Zero has been appointed as a supervisor to help keep Lord El Melloi II’s world consistent with the rest of the Fate universe. Yuki Kajiura, notable for music composition in Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, has been brought on to create the music of the series staged in London.

This series will explore TYPE-MOON’s world of mages in new and exciting depths, weaving a story shrouded in mystery, illusion, magic, and riddles. Get ready! An epic animated series is about to begin!